Heaven and Earth (Hillsong)
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Heaven and Earth

[Verse 1]
Love that was foretold
When the prophets spoke
Of One to come
Heaven came for us
Reconciling hearts
To You our God

Heaven and earth collide
The Saviour for everyone has come
Bringing the dead to life
All for the glory of Your name

[Verse 2]
Now He comes with hope
In salvation's robe
To lead us home
Healing in His wings
Freedom in His scars
His kingdom come

[Bridge 2x]
By His stripes we are healed
By his death we can live
In Jesus' name
In Jesus' name
All oppression will cease
Every captive released
In Jesus' name
In Jesus' name


Исполнитель: Hillsong
Название песни: Heaven and Earth
Альбом: No Other Name 2014
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1 Sandra2014   (03.09.2014 11:38)
hands ok super!!Spasibo!!! Slava Gospodu!!

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